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Pristin® MOPL™


PRISTIN® MOPL is the 3rd generation Omega-3 that sourced from herring caviar.

It is developed by Arctic Nutrition - the world's leading premium omega-3 phospholipids manufacturer, Norway. PRISTIN® MOPL comes in unique phospholipids structure to make it both fat- and water-soluble. It delivers the same Omega-3 ratio as with mother's milk at 3 : 1 DHA-to-EPA ratio.

PRISTIN® MOPL contains natural source of choline. Choline is known to be a critical nutrient for the development of memory and also supports nerve, joint, muscle, eye and gut health. Due to its natural EPA & DHA ratio, it enhances the uptake and delivery of omega-3 into cellular membranes, tissues and key organs.

PRISTIN® MOPL is cost effective with smaller daily serving size due to the high potency of the product.

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Features & Benefits

Pack Sizes

2 pack sizes: 30s & 60s
(Specially packed in amber glass bottle with an outer box)


Bovine soft gelatin

Recommended age groups

Children, adults, pregnant and nursing mothers

Direction for use

Take 1 softgel daily, after meals, or as professionally recommended

Supplement Facts:

Each softgel contains 650mg Marine Omega-3 fish oil which provides:

Total omega-3 279mg
EPA 58mg
DHA 195mg
Phospholipids 195mg