The story of Eskimo/Omega-3 Research

  • 1978

    Greenland Eskimos

    Ground-breaking research published in the Lancet in Greenland Eskimos prompts a re-thinking of ‘fats,' which catapults omega-3s into the spotlight and pits them on the medical and scientific map

  • 1985

    3 Major Studies Published in New England Journal of Medicine

    Having 3 major papers -

    One epidemiology, one clinical medicine, and one basic science – as the opening articles in the most prestigious medical journal in the world put omega-3s into the mainstream in a big way

  • 1989

    The Fish & Heart Study

    A Lancet published a paper showing that eating fish for two years reduced all-cause mortality in people who experienced a heart attack

  • 1999

    GISSI Study

    This is the well-powered study using fish oil supplements – not a dietary change – to reduce risk for death, cardiovascular death and sudden cardiac death, all without meaningful lowering of cholesterol or triglycerides

  • 2004

    Omega-3 Index Proposed as New Risk Factor

    Dr Bill Harris et. al. publish a paper in the journal Preventive Medicine proposing the Ómega-3 index’as a new risk factor for cardiovascular death

  • 2010 - 2018

    A Down Period for Omega-3 Research

    This period was littered with several “failed” studies, According to news headlines, including, OMEGA. AREDS2 and VITAL. These studies in addition to the big ‘prostate cancer’ scare in the 2013 SELECT trial ushered in challenging times for omega-3s

  • 2018 - Beyond

    REDUCE-IT Study Published

    Major development in the omega-s 3 story, pointing to the fact that one has to take a high enough dose of omega-3 to get its benefits