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Pristin® Concentrated Omega-3 Fish Oil


PRISTIN® Concentrated Omega-3 Fish Oil

PRISTIN® is the only concentrated fish oil that is tested 100% toxin-free in parts-per-trillion because of OMATECHTM, an advanced molecular distillation technology. The fish oil is imported from EPAX AS, Norway.

According to Nielsen, PRISTIN® is Malaysia's No. 1 fish oil for 6 consecutive years since 2008. Besides that, it is pharmacist's most preferred fish oil based on survey done by USM.

PRISTIN® is certified Halal by JAKIM and the softgel is derived from fish gelatin.  


Why PRISTIN® Concentrated Omega-3 Fish Oil?


Premium fish oil traceable from wild fishes to capsule.*


Highly concentrated fish oil*


No artificial preservative in fish oil and no synthetic coating on capsule.


Tested to higher safety level by Parts Per-Trillion.


Does not contain any component of GMO origin.


Safe from harmful radiation contaminants.


Better safety levels-toxins, heavy metals and mercury has been removed.

“100% Toxin-Free Fish Oil” With OMATECH™ technology, we assure PRISTIN® is toxin-free even in parts per trillion after a series of tests in USM’s Centre of Advanced Analytical Toxicology.

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Top selling fish oil brand in Malaysia.**

“ Malaysia’s NO.1 Fish Oil Brand AGAIN!” We are Malaysia’s *No.1 fish oil brand for year 2008, 2009, 2010,2011,2012 & 2013 audit by Nielsen Company.


"No.1 Pharmacist's Choice"

Latest Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) survey shows that Malaysia *No.1 fish oil brand is recommended by pharmacists more than any others brand. More importantly, the same survey showed that PRISTIN® is the brand most used by pharmacists themselves.

*USM for Pharmacist Studies Survey, May 2011 (Sample survey: 200)


"Longer shelf life"

PRISTIN® fish oil now has 3 years shelf life.


"Halal Approved by JAKIM"

We are the only fish oil with Halal Certificate in Malaysia, Australia & ASEAN countries.

*Total Health Concept’s Omega-3 Supplements: PRISTIN OMEGA-3 FISH OIL 1200MG compared to Pisces Omega-3 Fish Oil 1000mg

**Total Health Concept Sdn Bhd calculation based in part on data reported by The Nielsen Company through its Retail Index Service for Health Supplement category under the segment of Adult Fish-Based Tablet with 500mg or more Omega-3 content per tablet for 12 months ending October/November 2008, October/November 2009, October/November 2010,2011,2012,2013 of Drugstore/Pharmacy in Total Peninsular Malaysia.

Features & Benefits

Pack Sizes

3 pack sizes: 30s, 60s, 150s (Specially packed in amber glass bottle with an outer box)


Fish soft gelatin

Recommended age groups

Adults, pregnant and nursing mothers

Direction for use

Adults, Take 1 softgel daily, after meals, or as professionally recommended

Supplement Facts:

Each fishgel contains 1200mg Omega-3 fish oil which provides:

Total Omega-3 Fatty Acid 660mg
EPA 396mg
DHA 264mg
Vitamin E (D-Alpha Tocopherol) 2 IU