Yes. Total Health Concept’s PRISTIN® is a completely safe product. The fish oils are derived from the fat of deep-sea, cold waters of the North American Oceans. James J.Gromiley in his book “DHA – A Good Fat” highlighted that out of 22 brands of fish oil that was sold in America, 21 were contaminated.

However, our PRISTIN® is molecularly distilled from natural raw material, free from any toxic trace elements including PCB (PolyChlorinated Bipenyls), DOT and dioxins. Our fish oil has been tested by an accredited independent lab and found to be free from the heavy metals and toxins, which are often found in many other brands.

Molecular distillation is a process to separate the fish oil from the various ocean toxins and heavy metals that have different molecular weight. This is done at very low temperature under nitrogen to avoid oxidation. Reputable companies use a highly advanced molecular distillation that ensures that the fish oil is devoid of any detectable toxins, this latest state-of-the-art technology such as OMATECH™ is relatively very expensive. Only pharmaceutical companies can afford this process. That is why it costs much more to get the pharmaceutical grade fish oil.

OMATECH™ is a superior molecular distillation process to remove toxins from the fish oil at molecular level. This is the latest state-of-the-art /proprietary technology, which is relatively expensive. Only pharmaceutical companies can afford this process. That is why it costs much more to get molecularly distilled fish oil or sometimes known as pharmaceutical grade fish oil. OMATECH™ Advanced Molecular Distillation is accomplished under extremely low pressure so that the temperature required to distill undesirable compounds (such as RGB’s, DOT and dioxins) will not destroy the edible oil. OMATECH™ Advanced Molecular Distillation requires much more sophisticated equipment than typical distillation, and thus adds significantly to the cost of the final product.

Yes. It is a common problem of the fish oil. Fish oil undergoes rapid oxidation if left in open air due to the double bond that is present in its chain. We encapsulate our fish oil to prevent oxidization. We further incorporate a small amount of mixed natural tocopherols into our fish oil to retard the oxidization process.

Mixed natural tocopherols have anti-oxidant properties. It helps to prevent the attack of free radicals in our body as well as to control oxidization process in fish oil. Numerous studies have urged people to consume only mixed natural tocopherols, which are found abundantly in fruits and vegetables.

Keep your fish oil capsules in a cool and dry place away from light. We have helped you by packing our capsules in premium quality pharmaceutical grade amber glass bottles. This keeps out much of the light and moisture. This also minimizes oxidization. Furthermore, the presence of mixed natural tocopherols helps to stabilize the oil.

Yes! Fish oil is food. At the recommended doses it has not shown to interfere with doctor’s medication. Although there is some concern on the concurrent use of fish oil with aspirin & warfarin, however Emeritus Professor Dr Alexander Leaf from Harvard Medical University has assured that at the recommended doses, fish oil has not shown to interfere with doctors’ medications. Nevertheless, we will still advise you to seek for your doctor’s opinion.

The two most important components of Omega-3 fatty acids are the biologically activated oils – eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA). EPA is effective in reducing the risk of cardiac and circulatory diseases, while DHA is an essential structural component of the central nervous system. DHA is important for optimum development of the brain and the eyes and is therefore very important for the health of pregnant women and children. New studies show that DHA can enhance mental functioning. It is useful for children with learning disorders.